Hot, cold or frozen.  Coffee, tea, smoothie or fizzy.  Zagnoli Trading Company is on the ground helping you to create and execute non-alcoholic Beverages that are differentiated and paired with your food and spirit, making your Brand a more powerful consumer destination.

Our goal is to provide the best conceptual thinking, and to deliver! We do not pretend to have all of the answers, but promise the finest companies, quality products, and professional services for your beverage success.

We Evaluate, Inspire and Execute for the Quick Service, Fast Casual, and Family Dining Restaurant chains!


  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Proprietary Customer Qualitative And Quantitative Research


  • Beverage Product And Concept Pipeline Innovation
  • Idea Merchants Enabling Innovation
  • Ideation Summits
  • Short And Long Term Strategic Planning
  • High Performance Team Building
  • C-Level Project Leadership And Management
  • Business & Brand Development Plans


  • Branding, Positioning & Strategic Marketing
  • Proprietary Beverage Formulation & Prototype Creation
  • Beverage Commercialization
  • Concept Design, Development and Build
  • Beverage Styling & Photography
  • Real Time Consumer Feedback Via Mobile Te

“There is no limit to what a man can do or how far he can go if he
doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

-Robert Woodruff, President,
The Coca-Cola Company


Innovative Solutions:

Private Label Beverage Formulation

To succeed in the specialty beverage market, you must strike a perfect balance between consumer demand and habit-forming taste. It takes a specialized company to get there. As industry innovators for three decades, our beverage formulation partner is the silent partner behind some of the most successful drinks to ever cross the counter.

Coffee Laboratory

An outside-independent coffee laboratory that specializes in quality assurance of green and roasted coffee products, new coffee product development, and coffee specification programs. Our laboratory partner does not sell coffee, but provides the expertise to analyze, test, and evaluate coffee products for quick-service restaurants, fine and casual dining and convenience stores, as well as roasters, exporters and producers – using the best possible scientific equipment to ensure quick, clear, and precise results.

Let us improve the quality and consistency of your coffee products.

Concept Design / Build Company

A design/build company specializing in branded foodservice equipment and displays. Our vertically integrated and innovative partner designs and manufactures quality modular point-of-purchase displays, menu and labeling systems, carts, kiosks, and in-line restaurants. Our success at combining ease of operation with innovative designs and traffic-stopping displays ensures our clients’ satisfaction and success.

Branding & Strategic Marketing

Freelance visionary leaders who will “connect the dots“ around your business and consumer insights to articulate your brand marketing strategy in a clear and compelling way to get results. Clear Brand positioning is not just marketing – it’s about the business. We can help you to build your business and increase market share through innovation, untapped opportunities, and sharper strategic focus.

Brand Story to Concept

Environmental Branding solutions for commercial clients with focus on the interpretation of the Brand Identity into the physical environment. Our partner uses the Brand Story and develops an interior concept including space planning, lighting, furnishings, interior finishes and color. We work with you to develop a project budget.

Complete your space with an interior that reflects the mood and image of your Brand Identity. Let us transform your space. Your Brand Story from words to atmosphere.

Food & Beverage Photography

An inspired career of photographing food and everything that has to do with
food – evolving and growing since 1997.

Passion to capture the stages of the food chain – crops ready to be harvested in the fields, prepared food plated and photographed in studio or as served at a restaurant. Those photographic images are, in turn, used in menu, editorials, food packaging, advertising, cookbooks and other commercial displays.

Mobile Technology

This mobile technology enables managers to get immediate feedback from customers or employees to gain insights into how well your business is operating as well as instant management alerts based on specific survey responses.

Build relationships with your customers by collecting email addresses to better target promotions and other news to your fan base.

This system delivers mobile surveys using your own logo with questions you can edit whenever you want, and your employees or customers can access the surveys at any time via any smartphone, iPod touch, iPad, or online. Through a secure portal, it provides thorough reporting and analytics tools as well as mass-email integration with Constant Contact, Fishbowl and others.

This tool is ideal for any consumer-focused service business or organization as well as any company interested in collecting immediate insights from people on-the-go.

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